Fifty podcasts in the top 500 that climbed the most number of spots overall on January 07, 2014.

Rank  Change  Title
485 Small_arrow_up623 Napo Cadena's Podcast
341 Small_arrow_up486 ObesityChat's Podcast
420 Small_arrow_up442 Class of 2015 Spirit Week
376 Small_arrow_up382 JRuss podcast
425 Small_arrow_up369 Programas da Rádio Botafogo
499 Small_arrow_up325 We Have Moved
495 Small_arrow_up317 Mottey's Garage
408 Small_arrow_up308 sean michael rumble's Podcast
274 Small_arrow_up287 Prok & Fitch's Floorplay Podcast
473 Small_arrow_up284 Haute Couture Podcast - Claudia Cazacu
400 Small_arrow_up266 freddiefresh's Podcast
423 Small_arrow_up263 Stevie G's podcast
246 Small_arrow_up232 Neo2soul Less Chat More Music
185 Small_arrow_up231 Alain's Picks (Deep, Tech, Minimal and Techno)
459 Small_arrow_up225 iNDIE-STRY™ Session
404 Small_arrow_up222 Rockstar's free dance music podcast
428 Small_arrow_up216 Take Action Today's Podcast
492 Small_arrow_up211 Boxing News Podcast
391 Small_arrow_up208 Soy sonidero Podcast
81 Small_arrow_up207 Engineers of House's Podcast
489 Small_arrow_up200 What Great Bosses Know
303 Small_arrow_up198 LocaFun Hard
395 Small_arrow_up197 The Chat Wheel
462 Small_arrow_up196 Cyber Casts
382 Small_arrow_up195 The House of Disco - HODcast
386 Small_arrow_up195 DJ Mac Cummings Gospel Mixtapes
426 Small_arrow_up189 DJ BASSBOY
299 Small_arrow_up188 So Soulful (DJ Jai) Saturday Soul Sessions 12-3...
494 Small_arrow_up184 Emilie Tonkin's Podcast
323 Small_arrow_up183 falacomela.podomatic.com
385 Small_arrow_up180 House Music!!!!!
480 Small_arrow_up176 Cuarto Camino podcast
265 Small_arrow_up171 Cours de Français / CHANSONS I
202 Small_arrow_up162 Cuando la Cosa te Pasa
281 Small_arrow_up162 fRoots Radio
366 Small_arrow_up161 Chicago Bulls Zone
449 Small_arrow_up161 The GAK.co.uk Guitar Shop Podcast
181 Small_arrow_up159 In The Zone: The Official Podcast of Yellow Fev...
482 Small_arrow_up159 Sex Ed Beatz from NYC – Tech House Techno
444 Small_arrow_up153 Sportstalk1400's Podcast
416 Small_arrow_up152 Egg London Podcast
483 Small_arrow_up150 The Souled Out Show
401 Small_arrow_up148 The Berman Show
497 Small_arrow_up148 StanZeff's podcast
344 Small_arrow_up147 The Indy Corner Wrestling Podcast
472 Small_arrow_up146 Truth Over Comfort Podcast.
332 Small_arrow_up145 DJ BE PODCAST
411 Small_arrow_up144 Tiempos Equivocos' Podcast
384 Small_arrow_up142 denzdevarez's Podcast
484 Small_arrow_up136 Secret Identity

55x55_9112070 PLAY dec25
Podcast: William's podcast
From: William Poirier
Duration: 61 min. 52 sec.
55x55_4753838 PLAY Global Language EP 55 Mixed By J...
Podcast: Global Language
From: Joel Hirsch
Duration: 50 min. 48 sec.

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